Industry Service Awards

Industry Service Awards

The child, baby and maternity products industry in Southeast Asia has been growing steadily the past few years. International brands have found local partners to expand their brands into the country and region respectively. Local brands have sprung up and have made significant improvement to the lives of parents and kids.

CBME wants to acknowledge the individuals who have made an impact to the baby products industry in Southeast Asia. They are the local heroes who have worked tirelessly and quietly through the years. They have helped made the industry to what it is now.

Now, it is time for us to put the spotlight on them and thank them for their efforts!

Nomination is OPEN!

Who can nominate?
The nomination is open to everyone involved in the child, baby and maternity products industry.
● Retailers, distributors or others.
● You can also nominate yourself.

Who can I nominate?
You can nominate anyone in Southeast Asia who have made significant contribution to the child, baby & maternity products industry.

Can I nominate more than once?
YES. You can nominate a partner per country. Or two.

Can I attend the awarding? If you are trade visitor, yes!  Register Now

Can I bring my colleagues? Yes, you can, as long as you register. Register Now

How do I nominate?
Click on below button to nominate. Make sure to fill in all required fields and submit all documents to ensure the nomination is valid.

Nominate NOW

Winners will be announced and acknowledged on April 25, 4:30pm, at Marina Bay Sands Expo Center during CBME South East Asia 2018.

All nominees will be notified by organizer by 15 March 2018. Register as a trade visitor  here!

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