International Buyer Program

The International Buyer Program is a project addressed to the international professionals that encourages the connection between supply and demand of the child, baby and maternity industry.

The program, reserved exclusively to selected buyers, aims at facilitating the connection between exhibiting companies and top buyers seeking to collaborate to achieve mutual commercial benefits.


The purpose of the International Buyer Program is to give qualified industry buyers the opportunity to do business with worldwide suppliers.
Our buyers are key Decision Maker, Influencer on buying decisions, Owner, CEO, and Director.

Program Participants will be able to enjoy the following benefits

√ VIP Pass in hand
√ Access to Overseas VIP Lounges
√ Gain fast track entry to avoid the long queue entering the exhibition hall
√ Lunch Coupon

Round way tickets reimbursement.

2 nights free hotel stay:

Meet and Greet: 10 Pre-scheduled appointments and agenda set up through our matchmaking software.

Exclusive Shuttle (Venue – Hotel) Service: Save the time and effort during shows.

VIP Delegates Bag: Each delegate will receive an exclusive VIP Delegates Bag.

NETWORKING EVENTS, invitation to attend networking events taking place during show days

EXHIBITORS’ PREVIEW: preferential access to the exhibitors list and on-line preview of exhibitors’ profile and products

*The organizer reserve the rights to reject any application and/or amend the privileges where it deemed appropriate

How do I qualify?

Qualifying criteria that are considered include (but are not limited to):
• Your individual purchasing authority
• Annual purchasing budget

Register here.

Please feel free to send email to [email protected] for more information.