Novel, tooth-friendly pacifier makes its way into Southeast Asia

Scientific study shows that new pacifier prevents open bite in 93% of cases

Pattensen, Germany – April 18, 2018 – From a dental point of view, the use of pacifiers has to be recommended with caution. Tooth and jaw misalignments, such as an open bite, as well as tongue deformations can be the results of a heavy pacifier use. Nevertheless, they are used widely to calm babies, ease children into their sleep, and sooth them during teething pain.

After several years of research, Prof. Dr. Hinz, a renowned medical specialist in orthodontics, developed a new pacifier in cooperation with German baby product manufacturer NOVATEX GmbH. This pacifier of the brand Dentistar possesses a new kind of mouthpiece whose shape is designed to minimize its impact on the baby’s first set of teeth. Combined with an extra slim shaft, the pressure on jaw and teeth is reduced by up to 90%. Furthermore, the spoon shaped mouthpiece ensures that enough freedom for the tongue is provided, which consequently, prevents tongue malfunctions, such as lisping.

An independent, scientific study, conducted by the German University Witten/ Herdecke investigated into the claims of the Dentistar pacifier and found that indeed, significantly fewer children developed tooth misalignments when using a pacifier compared to conventional, orthodontic pacifiers, with only 7% having developed a dental misalignment. After a 27 month long study, Prof. Dr. Zimmer, the head of the study, summarizes “the novel pacifier caused almost no anterior open bites of 27-months-old children […] and can be recommended for children up to 27 months.”

Starting with Singapore, NOVATEX GmbH is introducing the Dentistar pacifier in 2018 into the Southeast Asian markets.

NOVATEX GmbH is a German manufacturer of baby products. Their brands Dentistar, Rock Star Baby and BABY-NOVA cover a large range of pacifiers, feeding bottles, teats and baby toys, mostly manufactured in Germany.

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